April 20, 2014

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the ucare desktop

The UCare Desktop contains the UCare electronic medical record and other clinical applications, including STOR and WebPACS.

Single Signon

The UCare Desktop will remember your usernames and passwords for individual clinical applications. After you enter these individual-application usernames and passwords once, the Desktop will automatically logon to each application for you.

Patient-Context Management

The UCare Desktop is patient centered and maintains context among all applications. That means if you are looking at a patient's radiology report in UCare, you can simply click on WebPacs, get logged on automatically, and be taken seamlessly to that same patient's films. (You need your own WebPacs account for this to work.)

This a screen shot of the UCare Desktop logon screen:

NOTE: You cannot logon to the UCare Desktop for the first time through remote access.

After logon, you will see the following tabs. Click on these tabs to access the individual applications on the UCare Desktop.

To close the individual applications, Right click and select Close, as pictured here: